How much does it cost to sign up with Xpert Direct?
Nothing - it's free! The platform is completely free for Xperts and clients only pay a standard 10% fee, based on successful placements, as follows: Freelance: 10% of the gross value of each invoice Permanent: 10% of agreed first year's gross annual salary
Who are the Xperts?
Xperts are all leading engineers and consultants specialising in Embedded Systems & Electronics Engineering from across the globe. They may be looking for freelance contracts, permanent employment, consulting opportunities, part-time contracts, onsite, remote etc. They may be independent or part of a company with available or underutilised resources.
Who are the Clients?
Xpert Direct clients range from leading global electronics and semiconductor corporations through to small hi-tech start-ups. Companies throughout the world use the Xpert Direct platform to find specialist skills quickly and easily, to increase team flexibility and to reduce cost.
What are projX?
projX are skills requirements! They should include all the necessary information regarding skills, experience, sectors, applications, responsibilities, methodologies, standards etc., that an Xpert should have in order to meet the clients exact requirements.
How long does it take to sign up?
Clients can sign up in just a couple of minutes and for Xperts it takes less than 10 minutes, as they are required to build their profile. Note: Clients and Xperts can add their projX or profile easily, run sample searches and browse summary results before signing up to Xpert Direct (free).
Can anyone sign up to use Xpert Direct?
Yes, as long as you have great projects or skills to offer to the Embedded Systems and Electronics Engineering community. Anyone who doesn’t meet the bar, won’t appear in search results and will be removed from the system as part of our quality program.
How long does it take to find and secure the right projX or Xperts?
You can find all the best matching Xperts and projX within minutes and it shouldn't take more than a few hours to put everything in place if your Xpert is ready to start work immediately.
Why 10% mark-up fee?
By offering a standard highly competitive fee to our clients, we attract higher projX volumes. This enables us to grow our Xpert community quickly, delivering even better results to clients and Xperts alike. The majority of the fee, goes towards growing and maintaining a high-quality platform, support team and investment in our continuous development and improvement program. Note: Traditional recruitment companies typically charge around 33% fee (c25% margin) for contracts and 20% to 30% for permanent placements.
Can Xperts work on-site fulltime?
Yes, many of them do. However, Xpert Direct is offering companies the opportunity to rethink how they engage with highly specialist Xperts. Our platform provides access to a full range of options including on-site, remote, part-remote, full-time, part-time and ad-hoc consulting.
What are the benefits of having Xperts working remotely?
We all know that it has become almost impossible to find and secure highly specialist engineers and consultants in our local markets. Hence, rather than just accepting the best you can find locally, Xpert Direct provides a platform for you to find the precise Xpert you need first, and then focus on the best way to work together.
Is remote working as effective as onsite?
Yes! Obviously, some engineers need to work on-site for security reasons or access to specialist hardware, however apart from this, most companies have begun to embrace remote working to some degree and are generally very happy with the results.
Can I sign up my own employees to Xpert Direct to find projX during quiet times?
Yes, our Xperts can be independent freelancers or employees of other companies. Some work part time via the Xpert Direct platform, in addition to their main employment and others may be employees of companies who may not have enough projects to sustain them temporarily, so they can hire their services out. You may be a small consultancy company with some overcapacity, or a large technology company with a shortage of projects. Xpert Direct is a dynamic marketplace where you can acquire skills as needed or offer underutilised skills to other clients.
How do I keep track of an Xpert’s hours?
Nowadays, especially in our industry you don’t need to check to make sure top engineers are sitting at their desk every minute of the day. You are far more likely to get more work done and better results by focussing on outcomes rather than time worked. Engineers working remotely are more likely to claim less hours than the actual number worked. Most companies use a range of tools to manage their projects, so it is usually pretty easy to see if someone isn’t pulling their weight. Also, just as a back-up, if you are not entirely happy with the total hours claimed, only authorise what you believe is fair and you won’t have to pay for the remaining hours.
Do Xperts work for Xpert Direct or my company?
Xperts work directly for you. Xpert Direct is a technology platform built to enable you to find the best expertise, directly. This gives you complete control over the selection process, negotiation, and execution of the entire agreement.
How do I pay Xperts for their services?
Xperts record their time, on our platform for you to verify each week. They will then issue you with an invoice (usually monthly) based on the number of hours authorised at the agreed hourly / daily rate, and you pay the Xpert as per your agreement with them.
Do we need to withhold any taxes or social contributions?
Please make sure your Xpert is registered as a freelancer, partnership, limited company, or other formal entity, so you can pay the total invoice value to the Xpert without having to retain withholding taxes in your state or country.
How does Xpert Direct charge its fee?
We will send you an invoice after the end of each calendar month, based on the total amount of time, authorised by you, that the Xpert has worked.
Can I work directly with the Xpert?
Yes, we offer all our clients the opportunity to stop paying the Xpert Direct fee for a fixed introduction fee of €10,000. This may be beneficial to our customers for long-term contract cooperation with the Xpert, or to accommodate a move to permanent employment.
How can I employ engineers in other countries?
It has now become very easy to recruit employees in other countries without having a company entity in that country. This has become a common practice in our industry using what is known as an 'Employer of Record' (EoR). There are a number of highly professional global leaders offering these services at very modest monthly rates. (please email [email protected] for more information)
What is a 'Skills First' approach?
Given the extensive skill shortages in our market, particularly in local markets, we designed the XD platform so clients can search the globe for the best skills first, so once they have their ideal candidate(s) they can then decide the best form of collaboration, whether it be permanent, freelance, remote, on-site, part-time fulltime etc. It's usually better to have a part-time or remote expert than a full-time or on-site armature.
What is a 'Skills First' approach?
Given the extensive skill shortages in our market, particularly in local markets, we designed the XD platform so clients can search the globe for the best skills first. Once they have their ideal candidate(s) they can then decide the best form of collaboration, whether it be permanent, freelance, remote, on-site, part-time fulltime etc. It's usually better to have a part-time or remote expert than a full-time or on-site amateur.
Why can’t I see the client’s name at the beginning of the process?
Companies get bombarded with calls and unsolicited CVs every time they advertise a project requirement, which makes it very difficult and time consuming to select the best engineers. Xpert Direct cuts out all this noise, giving you a much better chance to grab the client’s attention and secure the best contracts, fast!
Can I sign up if I am already an employee of another company?
Yes, many clients are looking for Xperts on a part-time or ad-hoc consulting basis, so as long as you have the time available and there are no conflicts of interest, come join us!
Will my current employer find me on Xpert Direct?
This is very unlikely, as your name is withheld until you receive a direct message from the client and you respond. Therefore, you will always know the name of the company before your identity is disclosed to the client.
How do I register as a freelancer?
Depending on the country you reside in, you can usually do one of the following: • Register as a freelancer or independent consultant which will allow you to work full-time, part-time, or occasional consulting (you can be an employee and a freelancer at the same time in most countries). • Use a payroll company to invoice the client and get paid by them. • Join a cooperative of consultants offering similar services in your home state or country (if available) (Please seek professional advice to ensure you are fully compliant with all tax, social security, and other legal requirements in your home/host state or country)
Can I make a career out of working via Xpert Direct?
Yes, the freelance market is growing all the time and Xpert Direct is making it easier for clients and Xperts to find the best partners, quickly and effectively. There is always great demand for the best Xperts!
How can I increase my visibility to clients on Xpert Direct?
Always make sure that your Xpert profile is complete and kept up-to-date. We use advanced search algorithms to generate precision matching results, however even we can’t know what you are great at unless you tell us ;-)
Why can’t I message clients until they have messaged me first?
As an Xpert you can either pitch a client for a projX they have published, or accept an invite from a client for a projX. At this point, the client decides if they want to enter direct discussions and will message you first, before you are able to message them back. This helps ensure that clients are not overloaded with follow-up messages and you are only talking to clients that are genuinely interesting in working with you. This saves time for everyone.
Why don’t you use full CVs?
We view Xperts as specialist service providers. Therefore, it is far more important to the client to know your core specialist expertise and recent implementations, rather than where you went to school and if you like swimming on weekends.
The main focus is on the past 24 month’s experience – does the rest not count?
Yes, of course it does! We only use your latest skills and experience as the primary precision matching criteria, along with the number of year's experience. Once the initial connection is made, the client can also evaluate all the additional experience you have that may be relevant.
Who can see my personal data or company information?
No users have access to another user’s personal data or company information until they have both confirmed an interest in one another, by accepting invites or pitches. The client discloses the company identity when they send the first direct messaging to the Xpert. The Xpert’s personal information is only disclosed to the client when they respond to the client’s first direct message.
Why do you keep the personal and company information confidential at the beginning of the process?
One of the main reasons that traditional recruitment is failing is that there is too much noise, resulting in unwanted agency calls, unsolicited CVs, too many unqualified candidates and all the resulting chaos. By keeping things confidential at the public level, we provide a safe and effective marketplace for clients and Xperts to eliminate the noise, and focus exclusively on the top matching Xperts and projX.
When will my personal or company details become visible to the other party?
Only after both parties have confirmed their interest in each other, and the direct messaging begins. The Client name is revealed once they initiate the direct messaging to the Xpert, and the Xpert's name is revealed only when they respond to the first client's direct message.
How do you protect my personal data?
Click here to read all about our data policy
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